Go Green!

“I’ve always had a passion for creating a safe and loving environment for the children I am entrusted to care for but it wasn’t until I became a Mom that I became aware of the dangers lurking in every day objects children are exposed to. During my pregnancy I was working in a child care center and was becoming ill from the smells of the chemicals we used to “clean.” I started researching the risks of chemical exposures and pregnancy and little by little started cutting out some of the more dangerous ones from my home and workplace. My research into chemicals lead me down a long and winding path of natural cleaning products, cloth diapers, organic food, wood toys, reusing, reducing, and recycling. After my son arrived I vowed to never use conventional products or food in my home again. When I decided to open a home daycare in 2011 I knew above anything else I wanted to offer a “green” environment and within a few short months of opening I had filled to capacity and was continually getting more interest in the program. Early in 2012 I decided to expand into center based care. It took a while to find the right building, and to get everything just perfect, but the final product is well worth it! I am so proud of The Green Garden and everything it stands for.”
-Erica Tank, Owner and Director

Everything we do from cooking to cleaning, playing to learning is carefully planned and designed to be earth friendly. We believe it is our responsibility to care for God’s wonderful creation and preserve it’s precious resources for our children. We are proud to furnish our center with toys that are made from natural items, recycled, or otherwise earth-friendly. We promise to use only natural and biodegradable cleaning products all throughout our facility. We will serve food that is organic, free of GMO’s, fresh, healthy and kid friendly. We gladly accept cloth diapers, glass bottles, and expressed breast milk. Some of our green actions include: purchasing used or repurposed items whenever possible, buying new products made primarily of renewable materials, using recycled paper products, limiting plastics and NEVER cook with them, and recycling/composting as much of our waste as possible.

Staff Information

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